Dr. Jorge Echeverría
Ramón y Cajal researcher
Department of Inorganic & Organic Chemistry and IQTC
University of Barcelona (Spain)


After getting my degree in chemistry from the University of Zaragoza (2006) I moved to the University of Barcelona, where I obtained my PhD in 2010 under the supervision of Prof. Santiago Alvarez and thanks to a FPU scholarship. Then, I spent four years as a postdoc in the CEMES-CNRS (Toulouse, France) working with Prof. Christian Joachim in the design and theoretical development of molecular machinery. During my stay in Toulouse I was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship under the Beatriu de Pinós program. In 2015 I moved to the Electronic Structure group of the University of Barcelona as a Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación researcher. Currently I am a Ramón y Cajal fellow in the same university. My research interests are twofold: the study of noncovalent interactions and their implications in materials and crystal design, and on the other hand, the design and conception of single-molecule devices such as switches and rotors with potential applications in nanotechnology.


Ramón y Cajal contract, 2018

HPC-Europa3 grant for a 7-week visit to the Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam, 2018

Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación fellowship, 2016

Beatriu de Pinós-B grant for talent return, 2015

Marie Curie fellow under the Beatriu de Pinós programme, 2012

Young scientist grant to attend the 1st Herrenhausen Conference «Downscaling Science» in Hanover, Germany. Awarded by the Volkswagen Foundation, 2012

The Ramón Margalef prize (5,000 €), given by the Consell Social UB, 2011

FPU predoctoral fellowship, 2008


1st International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions (ICNI): Carbonyl-carbonyl interactions in transition metal complexes (invited talk), Lisboa, Portugal 2019.

HPC-Europa3 Transnational Access Meeting (TAM): Noncovalent interactions involving nitrosyl ligands (invited talk); Edinburgh, UK 2018

1st BIO-COMP-CHEM School: A theoretical approach to the study of weak interactions in chemistry and biology (invited talk); Bansko, Bulgaria 2018

XXXVI GEQO Congress Organometallic Chemistry Group: The n-π* interaction in transition metal complexes (oral); Zaragoza, Spain 2018

DFT Symposium in Honor of Mel Levy and John Perdew: Frustrated Lewis Trios and long-range hole interactions (invited talk); New Orleans, USA 2018

255th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society: Alkyl groups as electron density donors in π-hole bonding (oral); New Orleans, USA 2018

2nd School on Computational Modelling of Materials: Noncovalnet interactions: a useful tool for crystal and materials design (invited talk); Sofia, Bulgaria 2017

XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry: Dihydrogen interactions in main group hydrides (poster); Sitges, Spain 2017

6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress: Dihydrogen interactions in alkanes (oral); Sevilla, Spain  2016

7th IQTCUB Symposium: Single molecule motors working on surfaces (invited talk); Barcelona, Spain 2016

Forum des microscopies à sonde locale: One-way rotation of a molecule-motor (poster); Montauban, France 2014

1st International Symposium on Single Molecule Machines and Motors: One-way rotation of a single molecule motor (oral); Toulouse, France 2013

2nd AutoMol Anual Meeting: Controlled one-way rotation of a single molecule motor (oral); Toulouse, France 2013

1st Herrenhausen Conference «Downscaling Science»: Controlled one-way rotation and efficiency of a single molecule motor (poster); Hanover, Germany 2012

1st AutoMol Anual Meeting: Calculations on a Ruthenium Motor (oral); Montbelliard, France 2011

8th European Conference on Computational Chemistry: Theoretical Study of Homonuclear Dihydrogen Contacts in Linear Alkanes and Polyhedranes (poster); Lund, Sweden 2010

XXXII Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry: Jahn-Teller Effect in hexacoordinated compounds with trigonal prismatic geometry: ¿cis or trans? (oral); Oviedo, Spain, 2009

38th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC38): Quantitative Measures of Symmetry Loss: Applications in Transition Metal Chemistry (poster); Jerusalem, Israel 2008

XXIII Meeting of the Theoretical Chemistry Network of Catalonia: New Concepts in Molecular Symmetry (oral); Tarragona, Spain 2007